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David J. Steyaert, Sr. is a Petroleum Geologist with 35 years of professional industry experience generating oil and gas prospects, performing acreage assessments, reserve evaluations, and helping clients make investment decisions.

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Impact Energy Since 1996

Impact Energy was formed in September 1996 in Albuquerque, NM and relocated to Denver, Colorado in January 1997. The company is owned and operated by David J. Steyaert, Petroleum Geologist who has over 36 years professional industry experience in the oil and gas industry working as an employee and as a consultant for both large and small firms. The firm has been successful by generating ideas, evaluating play concepts, and acquiring leasehold interests and selling projects to larger firms. As a consultant, the company has through the years assisted clients by recommending drilling and completion operations, assisting in program design and execution, evaluating oil and gas reserves, and performing mineral appraisals for select engineering companies, land companies, and real estate firms on a consulting basis.

Focus the past 20 years has centered around evaluation, exploration and exploitation of unconventional tight oil shales, tight gas sands, and coal bed methane plays. The company has specific expertise in most all Rocky Mountain Basins, Midcontinent, portions of the Anadarko Basin and select areas of the Permian Basin of West Texas and East Texas.

Success drivers for the company has included adoption of new technology applications in geology, geophysics, petrophysics and GIS as it relates to the discovery and development of oil and gas reserves.

Impact Energy Resources is dedicated to the discovery and development of oil and gas reserves within the US and select international areas as deemed by its clients and

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